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Wheelchair users the Gospel: let smart cushion time take car
Release time: 2017-12-26
If you are in the same sitting posture, will feel uncomfortable, stood up and walked two steps. This action for the disabled in a wheelchair for a long time is not so easy, they often need to remind the people and help to change positions. And in a wheelchair can also cause health problems such as decay.Recently a team developed a specially designed for people using wheelchairs smart cushion & have spent SENSIMAT, can remind the user when a wheelchair.SENSIMAT is a thin cushion, with the pressure sensor, the cushion with mobile app via bluetooth connection. Cushion is external medical materials, configuration of a switch, and micro - USB interface for charging. The & have spent SENSIMAT on wheelchair seat, users, to sit on cushion sends pressure data to the app. After algorithm analysis, cushion can monitor the wheelchair users of the following action: whether to sit, the body is left and right or forward.Users can set time, sit down when reaches the preset time, the cushion will change color, warning lights. By this time the user leave the seat change your position again to sit back into the wheelchair, indicator light will have corresponding change. These data will be recorded in the app.