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operation manual

intelligent electric wheelchair APP

Wheelchair is an intelligent wheelchair APP. We can get the details of the electric wheelchair through the APP such as wheelchair speed, slope, battery percentage, residual driving range, etc. By using the APP to set the parameters of wheelchair, for example: maximum speed, shift sensitivity and travel sensitivity. We can also control the movement of the wheelchair by using the Bluetooth remote control function.
Application step:
1.Turn on the power of the wheelchair, then turn on the controller to ensure that it has been calibrated, without any other noise or display problems.
(About calibration: Press the switch button of the controller until hear the regular "di, di, di..." alarm, at this time, push the control lever forward until the alarm stops.)
Warning: All electric wheelchairs must be calibrated before use!
2.Make sure the mobile phone Bluetooth is on, and then open the Wheelchair APP,the controller will be searched within the effective range. See picture  1.    1 for example,click to enter operation interface. 

3. Normal interface should be as picture 2 and no pop-ups jump out. The bottom buttons respectively from left to right is Mobile control  ,Detailed information and Bluetooth selection interface .

4. Click on mobile control  on picture 2 to enter the mobile phone remote control interface (see picture 3), we can control our wheelchair,It's like the handle joystick. As show in picture 3, there are two modes of manipulation.


5. Click on identify key  on picture 2 to enter the wheelchair details (see picture 4), we can know more about the system's battery, battery percentage, speed, slope and so on.
6. Click on identify key  on picture 2 to enter the remote control sensitivity of the mobile phone(see picture 5), to adjust the sensitivity of shifting and travelling of wheelchair.

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