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Release time: 2018-08-17

LIGHT BEE electric wheelchair
LIGHT BEE electric wheelchair integrates high-performance power device, intelligent control device, lithium battery etc. with traditional manual wheelchair, equipped with manual manipulation and mobile phone App for the intelligent controller to realize the wheelchair function of moving forward, backward or tuning around. It is a high-tech new product combined with modern intelligent CNC, precision machinery and engineering mechanics.
The fundamental difference between LIGHT BEE and traditional electric scooter, electric bicycle, bicycle is that the LIGHT BEE electric wheelchair has an intelligent controller. Depends on the mode of operation, LIGHT BEE can be controlled by joystick or remote control of mobile phone App or the gravity manipulation of mobile phone App. The last one is mainly appropriate for young users and carers. Nowadays, electric wheelchair has become best choice for disabled or elderly people to get closer to normal daily life.
1.     back rest tilts by 8 degrees, the seat is deepened by 6 cm, which is more comfortable;
2.     strengthen aviation aluminum frame, light and strong;
3.     side battery design to make folding more convenient;
4.     double motor drive of rear wheel makes climbing ability stronger for various road conditions;
5.     universal controller makes operation more convenient;
6.     with electronic brake means once loosen the joystick it is automatically braked,  which is more safe
7.     frame color: light yellow coating
1.  Total weight 14.8 Kg
2.  Seat width 420 mm, depth 380 mm, total unfold width 580 mm, folding width 270 mm, height 910 mm, length 1010 mm.  (folded size is 700*570*270 mm)
3.  Weight capacity: 100 Kg
4.  Maximum speed: 6 km/h
5.  Full electricity to run continuously: 4-5 h
6.  Gradeability: ≤10 degrees
7.  Climbing obstacle height: 4 cm (rounded steps)
8.  Braking distance: ≤1.5 m
9.  Noise: < 65 db
10.Power: 24V6.5aH panasonic 18650 lithium battery pack
11.Motor power: 250W * 2  
Target user
Elder or disabled group of people
Humanization design, comfortable user experiences